24 11月 2017


The scenery is primitively a seemingly comfortable place that you could visualize, fancy, stop and choose as you like and you could look at, turn away, get in or pass-through whenever you want and it could be a fragmental delusion merging with your own reality. In some cases, it may merge and become one massive stream and guide yourself in a new direction. However, sometimes such a depictable reality would sort out as the same kind of reality as it was before, you wouldn’t be only unaware, and could be producing a simply huge intolerance to yourself as a simple, huge and unmanageable one.

In such a case, it’s worth noting that is what you have only seen as scraps in the fantasy but in the reality may become a piece of tolerance and it could replace the sense of values or words with your own sense of values or words. Stumbling over a large fragment of intolerance does not stop reality.